The State Response Activation Levels

​The State of Maryland has established four State Response Activation Levels, referred to as Status Levels, as noted in the table below. All levels provide for 24/7/365 monitoring of incidents throughout Maryland, maintaining a common operating picture, and supporting local jurisdictions and partners as needed. Each status level represents an increased need for situational awareness and coordination of State response activities and resources.

4​ (lowest​) Steady​​​ state response activation levels, through the MJOC, with assigned military and civilian staffing. Responsibility to maintain statewide situational awareness.​
3 MEMA staff will make preparations should the incident or event warrant additional State assistance. Additional MEMA st​aff may be required.   

ESF Leads are alerted and appropriate agency liaisons may be requested to staff the SEOC. MEMA staff will work closely with ESF Leads to collect information, and develop a state of situational awareness.
2 ​Activation of the SEOC for State-level Multi-Agency Coordination (MAC).

MEMA staff and necessary ESFs are present in the SEOC ​
1 (highe​​st) Activation of the SEOC for State-level Multi-Agency Coordination.

MEMA staff and necessary ESFs present in the SEOC assist with requests for technical support and resource assistance.

External resources may be(MAC).requested or mobilized.

Information is gathered for submission to FEMA for possible Federal assistance​.2

Status Level Escalation Doctrine

The State Response Activation Levels change based on a variety of factors. The most influential factor is the occurrence of a significant incident. The term “significant incident” is used to describe a single or multi-jurisdictional incident that warrants State involvement. This may include, but is not limited to: 
  • Requests for response operations support from local jurisdictions;
  • The displacement of a high number of people; 
  • A high number of casualties; 
  • Transportation network(s) affected; 
  • Extreme weather events; 
  • Large scale industrial accidents; 
  • Health related emergencies; and
  • Terrorist attacks.​

Requesting a Presidential Declaration can result from an incident where the State Response Activation Level never escalates to a Level 1.