The State Response Activation Levels

​The State of Maryland has established four State Response Activation Levels, referred to as Status Levels, as noted in the table below. All levels provide for 24/7/365 monitoring of incidents throughout Maryland, maintaining a common operating picture, and supporting local jurisdictions and partners as needed. Each status level represents an increased need for situational awareness and coordination of State response activities and resources.

Full: Incident of such magnitude that it may require response and/or recovery efforts and significant resources. EOC is ​fully Staffed.

​Partial​: Incident or event requires significant monitoring or resources. Additional EOC staffing from agencies, functions, and supporting organizations.

​Enhanced: ​Incident or event ​requires additional monitoring or resources. Core EOC Staff with potential augmentation from selected agencies, functions, and organizations.

Normal: Routine operation with no incident or event anticipated. State: 24/7 coordination and situational awareness through MJOC. Local: 24/7 coordination and situational awareness​ through local 911 centers.​

Status Level Escalation Doctrine

The State Response Activation Levels change based on a variety of factors. The most influential factor is the occurrence of a significant incident. The term “significant incident” is used to describe a single or multi-jurisdictional incident that warrants State involvement. This may include, but is not limited to: 
  • Requests for response operations support from local jurisdictions;
  • The displacement of a high number of people; 
  • A high number of casualties; 
  • Transportation network(s) affected; 
  • Extreme weather events; 
  • Large scale industrial accidents; 
  • Health related emergencies; and
  • Terrorist attacks.​