NIMS/ICS Compliance

Compliance – Who is responsible for it?

In the State of Maryland, each Local Emergency Manager is responsible for self-certifying that his/her jurisdiction is NIMS compliant. This self-certification is reported to MEMA. Based on local jurisdiction and state agency reporting, Is your Agency or Group NIMS / ICS Compliant?

MEMA will review the compliance status for the State and report it to the Department of Homeland Security at the end of each fiscal year.

It is imperative that individual departments within a jurisdiction work with their local emergency management office to ensure compliance. In addition, local jurisdictions should work with the various departments within their jurisdictions to ensure NIMS compliance efforts are underway and that all associated training is being provided to a multidiscipline audience.

Keep in mind that NIMS Compliance is a condition of Federal Grant Awards.

The requirement to adopt and implement NIMS and ICS means NIMS and ICS for incident management everyday. Those who don’t are not NIMS compliant.

NIMS Implementation

Institutionalize NIMS

  • Institutionalize NIMS and make it part of your every day operations, functions, exercises, and orientation packages for new employees
  • Include in your response plans, exercises and drills – including annual refresher trainings

Additional assistance can be provided by MEMA to assist in completing all NIMS Compliance requirements. Feel free to call the Exercise and Training branch at MEMA for further assistance.

Maryland Emergency Management Agency's NIMS-Compliant Training Reference Chart


The NIMS COMPLIANT Training Reference Chart - Click here to view the PDF and Download