Maryland Emergency Preparedness Program (MEPP)

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The purpose of the MEPP is to provide an overarching construct for homeland security and emergency management preparedness and operations for the State of Maryland. It represents Maryland’s approach to risk- and capabilities-based preparedness and operations, as directed in Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-8): National Preparedness.  The MEPP emphasizes an all-hazards approach to the delivery of 31 specific capabilities across four mission areas (prevent/protect, mitigate, respond, recover) in order to address the State’s risk. 

The Preparedness Directorate at MEMA has developed a website to facilitate the collaboration of preparedness activities. The website is broken down by mission area working groups:

  • Maryland Crisis Management Committee (CMC) – Prevention & Protection
  • Maryland Mitigation Advisory Committee (MAC) – Mitigation
  • Maryland Emergency Support Function Leadership Group (ESFLG) – Response
  • Maryland Recovery Support Function Leadership Group (RSFLG) – Recovery  

The MEPP website is also used to facilitate the planning process for short-term contingency and special event planning (such as preparations for the Presidential Inaugural).

In addition to the four mission areas, the MEPP website facilitates the development of Maryland state government Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning.

Accessing the MEPP Website will allow you to use the documents library to view and reference important documents. You can also interact with other working group members by utilizing the discussion pages, and coordinating meetings and schedules on the calendar pages.

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Reminder: All information on the MEPP website is For Official Use Only. ​​

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